How To Get Rid Of A Carpet Tough Stain In 5 Minutes

It’s common to have a spill on your carpet and your carpet may get stains. So it’s very important to remove the carpet stains by using the right products and techniques. If you treat the carpet immediately once the stain occurs then your carpet will get back good looks easily. The stains will ruin the overall look of your carpet so you should search for the safest method for tough stain removal from carpet. 

Get Rid Of A Carpet Tough Stain
Get Rid Of A Carpet Tough Stain

Here are the steps to get rid of a carpet tough stain in 5 minutes:-

  • Coffee stains

If you spill the coffee on your beautiful carpet then take a white cloth and blot the area carefully. Make sure you use the right technique to blot the stain so that you stop it from spreading. Blot stain from outside to inside. Take a cup of water and mix club soda and seltzer water into it. Use this mixture to sponge the area and with a white cloth blot it again. If you don’t want to damage your carpet fibers using a gentle scrubbing then use clean water and blot it dry. This will help the stain to come out quicker.

  • Paint stains

One of the hardest stains is painted if they get dry. So try to act quickly without scrubbing the stain. With the help of a wet paper towel blot the stain, if it is water-based. However, if the paint is latex based then use a paper towel to blot the stain. With lukewarm water remove much of the wet latex paint. In the case of oil-based paints use the same methods as water-based paint. Try to remove the stain as quickly as you can because oil-based stains are the hardest especially if they get dry. 

  • Red wine stains

If a glass of wine spills over your carpet then before it gets a chance to get dry, blot it with a clean cloth as suggested by expert carpet cleaners. Always try to blot the stain with a fresh surface. Onto the stain add some liquid as it becomes easy to blot with liquid. Until you can remove much of the stain, keep adding more and more water. Take a baking soda and make a paste of it by mixing it with water. Once you apply the paste to the stain, wait for some time and then vacuum the dry paste. 

  • Blood stains

It might be possible that blood gets on your carpet and if it dried up then it becomes hard to remove. Take immediate action to get the best results. Take a clean white towel to blot the area and pick up as much wet blood as you can. Prevent the blood from spreading into carpet fibers. Spray cold water on an affected area and never use hot water as with hot water blood stains will stay permanently on carpet fibers. Repeat the blotting process several times. Make a paste with water and salt and use it over the stain. After some time use a clean towel to blot the paste. Repeat the method until you get good results. If the stain is still there then hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services to get the best results. So call us now for the best solutions or reach us online too for Same Day Booking Services.